The kung fu wooden sham is a fabulous preparing gadget. It toughens the arms for blocking, it toughens the palms for striking, and it is a rival that never stops, however consistently loses. Shockingly, it costs excessive, so here are two or three choices to support the wooden sham enthusiast.

The kung fu wooden sham is prevalent in numerous hand to hand fighting, however the primary workmanship is Wing Chun Ving Tsun) Gung Fu. This craftsmanship has polished with the wooden man for the longest, and even has a total structure for overwhelming it. Different expressions, in any case, utilize the sham, moreover.


This author saw the Kung Fu wooden sham in Jackie Chan’s superb kung fu flick Rumble in the Bronx. Seeing the air load up with residue when Jackie lays into it is an extraordinary minute. Perhaps the best flick to show the wooden figure is Ip Man, with Donny Yen.


First and foremost the military craftsman will wind up proficient at beating on kicking packs and speed sacks, and maybe toughening the clench hands on the makiwara. It won’t be long, in any case, until the karateka or kung fu professional puts a few floor covering tests on a tree and moves into harder clench hand molding. The stunt, be that as it may, is to get the arm to fly out at you so you can square it.

This essayist made a snappy striking apparatus by folding a towel over a broomstick, and after that having individuals jab at him with it. This quickly transformed into a propelled type of battling practice, where the square must be done, and the separation to the assailant shut. It is a hard errand to dash three or four feet in a brief moment to nullify the separation the shaft offers.


From that point one should seriously think about mounting a post on a rotate. Basically cover a two by four in the earth, at that point place a moveable shaft on it. On can hinder the post, and square it again when it swings around, and even get into dodging and blocking.

In the long run, one will need to get a length of a log, drill a couple of openings, at that point mastermind a few arms and legs. One would then be able to move around, obstruct the wooden arms and legs, and imagine that one is guarding against a genuine aggressor. What is extremely clever is to put some huge springs on the arms and legs with the goal that they become progressively practical.


The expense of wood being significant, or maybe the trouble of getting a log when you live in a city, one may consider various materials. A length of PVC may do the trick, in the event that one can discover thick enough material that won’t break, or maybe even a type of light metal. This kind of sham and appendages would require a type of wrapping to ensure the hands and feet.

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